The Underdogs Of Martial Arts Cinema

yuri boykaIt seems common practice these days to teach actors martial arts as apposed to just hiring martial artists that can act. It may have something to do with the fact that the audience likes to see a familiar face, or perhaps there is just a certain look that the directors are going for. What ever the reason it just seems weird that they would invest so much resources into training someone in a skill that they are not proficient in. Here are a few actors/martial artists that we really need to see more of;

Wu Jing

This guy is an actual Wushu champion. Martial artist turned actor, Jacky Wu also dabbles in a bit of directing. He is very agile with slick and powerful moves. His trademark move would be spectacular flying kicks that he seems to pull of effortlessly.

Lateef Crowder

An expert in capoiera with the physique of an action star, Lateef always seems to get a cameo appearance although he is very much deserving of the limelight. Come to think of it you never really seem to see movies focused on this particular art although it is popular and visually satisfying.

Jon Foo

Jonathon Foo started of as a circus performer (acrobat) and is also highly trained in Wushu. So you can be assured of breath taking acrobatics in his films. One of my favorite films is his part in Tekken as Jin Kazama where you also get to see him perform a bit of parkour.

Michael Jai White

Made famous by the movie Spawn, which didn’t feature any martial arts and wasn’t really that great. A better movie to showcase his skills would be Blood and Bone. Although he looks like a body builder he actually moves really swiftly and gracefully.

Scott Adkins

Perhaps the biggest underdog of them all. Scott’s career highlights would definitely have to be his performance as Yuri Boyka, where he showed off against Michael Jai White. He has the action hero look and is a very talented martial artist but alas most of his movies go straight to DVD (or Blu Ray). Maybe one day he will get the much needed exposure he deserves.

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