Losing to Win: The TV Weight Loss Craze

Body image is an extremely affecting component of society. Today, everything from magazines to celebrity tabloids to fat free foods to dieting crazes are everywhere you look. Body image has become such a front lining issue, such a fascination, that it has evolved into its own culture: the culture of weight loss.

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Television is one of the easiest ways to see the powerful prevalence of the culture of weight loss in action. In today’s society, television programs geared to losing weight are all the rage. People are paid to run miles, lift weights, learn how to lose a pound a day, and crush cravings in front of cameras. And millions of people tune in to watch these strangers chasing after thinner versions of themselves. Is this trend of television programs geared to losing weight a bad thing? We don’t think so- as long as viewers keep in mind that, although all about weight loss, these “reality” shows are, first and foremost, all about being entertaining. As long as you keep this in mind, we see no reason why television programs geared to how to lose a pound a day can not motivate and inspire you to believe in your abilities to achieve a healthier tomorrow! To help get you started, we have even compiled a list of a few of our favourite shows to binge watch…

1. THE BIGGEST LOSER: Perhaps the most popular, most famous the-biggest-loserweight loss show, The Biggest Loser has been adapted in countries all over the world. The show features a group of overweight strangers who are made to live together in one house and work out every day in the hopes of being the contestant who loses the largest amount of weight and takes home the $250,000 prize. The contestants are split into two teams, and these teams go head to head in weekly challenges that help determine which contestant will be sent home. It is not uncommon to watch contestants lose hundreds of pounds over the course of the competition; millions cite The Biggest Loser as their weight loss inspiration. There are certainly some great fitness routines and dieting tips to be learned from the show; that is what makes it one of the best television programs geared to losing weight.

2. EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS:This show is very similar to The Biggest Extreme Weight LossLoser, in that it follows overweight individuals on their journeys to health. However, this show is less of a competition, and more of a personal evolution: instead of competing to lose more than their peers, contestants work to whittle themselves down to half their body weight over the course of a year. Less of a fight, more of a journey.

3. SUPERSIZE VS. SUPERSKINNY: This controversial British show is one of the sassiest television programs geared to losing weight. The show pairs an extremely overweight person with an extremely underweight person, and forces the two to co-habit and switch diets for a week. It’s extreme, slightly offensive, and undeniably entertaining. We also like that is showcases the other side of the spectrum: people who are underweight, as well as people who are overweight. You can check out their very first episode below.

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