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Television Shows About Scrapbooking

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Scrapbooking has been a popular art form since the 15th century when people preserved their memories on scrolls and stones. People turned to books later and today there is digital scrapbooking. Online scrapbook ideas are all over the internet and it has become easier to make your favorite crafts and preserve the memories you relish. The latest development in the scrapbooking industry is online scrapbooks which follows TV shows about scrapbooking. Television shows about scrapbooking started long ago and have only upped in number and lessons offered.

What can you Learn from Scrapbooking TV shows?

Most scrapbooking shows host different online scrapbook experts who showcase their skills and techniques. In scrapbooking, every artist has their signature technique and bringing as many artists as possible gives viewers diverse scrapbooking knowledge. You will learn cheap scrapbooking materials and the latest news, tips and techniques in the scrapbooking industry. You will get advice on scrapbooking including how to design eye-catching layouts, how to make time for scrapbooking and online sites where you can learn scrapbooking. There are shows that bring scrapbooking DIYs only.

Popular Scrapbooking TV Shows and What They Offer

1. Scrapbook Soup!

Formerly known as Scrapbook Memories, Scrapbook Soup is a TV program for scrapbookers who want to learn new designs and ideas. The show brings together different scrapbooking ingredients including papercraft, online scrapbooking, journaling and many more. It features popular authors, designers and bloggers and a plethora of scrapbooking media including pens, paint, scrapbook pages, paper project and cards.

2. Scrapbooking Winter Holidays

winter scrapbooking

This show is about scrapbooking the finest moments of winter. It involves learning how to create snowflakes using simple spirelli technique. You will also learn to create wintry tin album. Here, you will use snowflake stamps and use meltable beads for snowy letters. You will also learn to cross stitch snowflakes to make a title.

3. Scrapbooking Baby Days

baby days

Many people want to keepsake babies’ memories from the day they are born. This is the show to watch. The show gives tips and techniques on baby scrapbooking. Episodes include Creating Baby Books, Baby Alums for Mums, Creating Clay Molds and much more. The show features guests who showcase baby scrapbooking skills and techniques.

4. Scrapbooking Father’s Day

fathers day

As the title of the show suggests, this show is about keeping father’s day memories. Father’s day albums are created using metal embellishments, binding technique and clay embellishments among other materials. You will learn how to make motorcycles for dads and many more dads’ favorites.

There are hundreds of scrapbooking shows you can watch to keep up with the latest in scrapbooking.

Losing to Win: The TV Weight Loss Craze

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Body image is an extremely affecting component of society. Today, everything from magazines to celebrity tabloids to fat free foods to dieting crazes are everywhere you look. Body image has become such a front lining issue, such a fascination, that it has evolved into its own culture: the culture of weight loss.

If you are part of the craze, this product will help you lose weight fast:

Television is one of the easiest ways to see the powerful prevalence of the culture of weight loss in action. In today’s society, television programs geared to losing weight are all the rage. People are paid to run miles, lift weights, learn how to lose a pound a day, and crush cravings in front of cameras. And millions of people tune in to watch these strangers chasing after thinner versions of themselves. Is this trend of television programs geared to losing weight a bad thing? We don’t think so- as long as viewers keep in mind that, although all about weight loss, these “reality” shows are, first and foremost, all about being entertaining. As long as you keep this in mind, we see no reason why television programs geared to how to lose a pound a day can not motivate and inspire you to believe in your abilities to achieve a healthier tomorrow! To help get you started, we have even compiled a list of a few of our favourite shows to binge watch…

1. THE BIGGEST LOSER: Perhaps the most popular, most famous the-biggest-loserweight loss show, The Biggest Loser has been adapted in countries all over the world. The show features a group of overweight strangers who are made to live together in one house and work out every day in the hopes of being the contestant who loses the largest amount of weight and takes home the $250,000 prize. The contestants are split into two teams, and these teams go head to head in weekly challenges that help determine which contestant will be sent home. It is not uncommon to watch contestants lose hundreds of pounds over the course of the competition; millions cite The Biggest Loser as their weight loss inspiration. There are certainly some great fitness routines and dieting tips to be learned from the show; that is what makes it one of the best television programs geared to losing weight.

2. EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS:This show is very similar to The Biggest Extreme Weight LossLoser, in that it follows overweight individuals on their journeys to health. However, this show is less of a competition, and more of a personal evolution: instead of competing to lose more than their peers, contestants work to whittle themselves down to half their body weight over the course of a year. Less of a fight, more of a journey.

3. SUPERSIZE VS. SUPERSKINNY: This controversial British show is one of the sassiest television programs geared to losing weight. The show pairs an extremely overweight person with an extremely underweight person, and forces the two to co-habit and switch diets for a week. It’s extreme, slightly offensive, and undeniably entertaining. We also like that is showcases the other side of the spectrum: people who are underweight, as well as people who are overweight. You can check out their very first episode below.

Some Foods To Boost Your Energy

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When you know the right foods to take or consume on a daily basis, you are able to enhance your energy levels to the highest as possible. These foods need to help you in staying strong till you are able to accomplish your daily routines at your work. Every individual has to know how to revitalize his or her body should in case they become tired or stressed out. This is why eating your breakfast is very important. Want to learn more about your energy levels? Take the Free Energy Quiz. Below are some of the top 7 energy boosting foods that you can include in your daily meals.

  1. Whole grain products. This is one of the best ways to start your breakfast. Whole grain foods are rich in fiber and this makes them very easy to digest. It also has anti-oxidants which help to give the skin the best look. Additionally, it helps to reduce the chances of having to deal with cancer, heart attacks and diabetes.
  2. Oatmeal. Oatmeal is one of the best providers of soluble fiber and when it is mixed with low fat yoghurt or raisins, it gives you so much energy all through the day. It is the best breakfast every for people with diabetes.
  3. Fresh clean banana. Just as everyone knows, banana is not just tasty but it very rich in potassium which is perfect for women who are pregnant and also for people who have problems with muscle contractions. Just a piece of natural sweet banana every day will help thwart stiffness or stress from having to sit long hours at work.
  4. Fish and salmon. Fish has a lot of protein, vitamin B ad omega 3 and they are amazing and much needed for the body and also for the cardiovascular health of individuals.
  5. Beans. They have many nutrients and vitamins that are needed by the human body to fulfill its day to day duties.
  6. Orange juice is filled with amino acids also known as vitamin C.
  7. Pasta dishes are filled with carbohydrates for strength.

For more information on how to get your energy boosted, check out this link.